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"Working Together to Achieve Excellence in Quality Neonatal Care"


2010 Neuro Conference

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About Us

The NQIN is a not for profit network focused on improving quality at the point of care and utilizing clinicians, administrators and other experts to identify best practices and potential change strategies. A group of healthcare professionals and parents assists our network with the goal of testing strategies, learning from one another, and implementing the best-demonstrated practices.

The Neonatal Quality Initiative Network was designed to improve the quality of care for newborns and their families during the birth hospitalization. Multidisciplinary teams at the hospitals work together to improve the care they provide and together foster a support network with other teams to improve every angle of care. These teams work to optimize the health of newborn infants by improving the care they receive within their communities at the time of their hospital discharge. This program is fostering community building through planning and resources for our patients and their families.

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